General Rent Conditions

1)- To accept, a reservation the «rent contract» has to be completed, joint with a 30% deposit of the amount of all the stay, with a minimum of 15,00 € (for small stays). In case the reservation has to be canceled, the deposit would be kept. The camping has the possibility to refuse a reservation, in that case the deposit will be returned and the rent contract canceled.

2)- A demand of refund for an anticipated departure or canceling of a reservation will only be possible under the following conditions: Serious illness or accident - death of the contractor, his wife or direct descendant, ascendant, brothers or sisters in law - serious damages to the belongings of the contractor that implicate the need of his presence - loss of employment - change of the vacation dates imposed by the company - total accident or rubbery of the contractor’s car, and/ or caravan, only if it happens on the way to stay in the camping. The demand has to be written, motivated, with the justifying documents. In case of a refund for anticipated departure, the total fee due will be re-calculated, based on the package deal by night without discount.

3)- On arrival, to be late of more than 24h without telling in advance will implicate canceling of the reservation, keeping the deposit, and the possibility for the camping to re-rent the pitch.

4)- The day of rental starts at 14h00 and ends on the next day at 12h00. For the Mobil homes, the period of rent starts at 16h00 to end at 10h00.

5)- The Mobil homes rental includes gas and electricity, but not sheets or laundry. A precise priced inventory of the equipment for the Mobil homes will be given with the keys upon arrival, and controlled on departure. A deposit of 300,00 € will be asked on arrival in the Mobil homes, and returned by mail after departure, after deduction if necessary of the amount for any deterioration or missing object, or maid service that is set at 75,00 € the first hour and 26,00€ the following hours. Dogs or other animals over 6Kg are not accepted inside the Mobil homes.

6)- For the Mobil homes, payment must be done the day of arrival.

7)- The installations must be constantly equipped of enough equipment, in case of the need for payment of any fee.

8)- The Mobil homes rental for a minimum of two days, except in July and August when it is minimum one week from Saturday to Saturday.

9)- The rent is seasonal, touristic, and don’t implicate any specific rights for permanent residence.

10)- Phone messages will be at disposal in the mail boxes at the office.

11)- If you didn’t choose the special deals for 2, 7 or14 nights with a payment in advance, the stay must be paid every week before 20h00, and the day before departure.

12)- Any false declaration, or disrespect of any rule of these general rent conditions or the inside statements, will immediately cancel the rent contract without any refund or compensation, and the stay will be shortened with expulsion if necessary. The paid amounts will be kept as compensation.

13)- The pitches are for some of them, sunny, with shade, or partially shady, flat or slanted, easy or difficult of access, on too soft sand, too long or of an unusual shape, more adapted for a tent than a caravan or a camping car, or the opposite, with trees that represent a risk that branches, pine cones or sap of pines could fall, etc... To avoid any misunderstanding on these terms, we can’t guaranty the information given by phone. We do not guaranty the pitches from disagreements on these matters. A reservation can’t be based on such conditions; a refusal of a pitch on arrival will implicate no refund of the down payment. When a client has occupied a pitch, he is considered to have accepted it in full knowledge.

14)- We accept payments by cash, credit cards, any others will be refused.